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Common Cup


Brass goblet with silver-nickel plating and coated with food grade lacquer. Perfect for use as a common cup during Orthodox wedding ceremonies.


  • Brass construction and pure silver-nickel plating
  • Tarnish free with a beautiful luster
  • Coated with food grade lacquer
  • Cup design may vary!

The Orthodox ritual of the common cup comes from the wedding at Cana of Galilee – the miracle where Jesus turned water to wine. During the wedding ceremony, the couple shares this cup of wine as a sign of their common life together. They each take 3 sips from the cup, one for each Person of the Holy Trinity. It also represents that from this point, the couple will share everything in their lives – share their burdens – the sad times will be halved and the happy times doubled.

*Note: Please do not machine-wash this cup. Instead, hand wash it using warm water and soft soap.


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