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“Rustic Rose” Wedding Candle Set


These simple and elegantly decorated traditional Orthodox wedding candles will complete your special day. Available in 100% beeswax, ivory, or white stearin.


  • Set of two candles decorated with burlap and lace ribbon
  • Available in 100% natural beeswax, 51% ivory beeswax, or white stearin wax
  • Hand-decorated with burlap roses and bows
  • 14” long, 1” diameter


In Orthodox weddings, the priests places lit candles in the bride and groom’s hands. These candles represent both purity and virtue, and Christ’s light shining upon the couple. By holding them, the couple expresses their willingness to attain communion with Christ through this marriage. Complete your special day with this set of beautiful wedding candles.

We carefully and securely package your candles before shipping them. However, note that wax candles can bend or break when exposed to heat for an extended period of time. Orthodox Creations by Elaine is not liable for wedding candles damaged due to heat or mishandling by USPS. If you receive a damaged candle, please contact us and our team will work with you to remedy the situation. Alternatively, you can submit an insurance claim with USPS to potentially receive a reimbursement.


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